Roof Analysis and Design

Installing a new roof or replacing an existing roofing system is no small investment and most people expect them last for years, if not decades to come. Many roofs fail prematurely because of improper roof analysis, design, materials used, labor and maintenance.

Proper planning through roof analysis and design with a roofing specialist can enhance the safety of the worksite, extend the life of a roof and help you save money over the life of the roof through energy efficiency.

Our Roof Analysis and Design Consultants can:

  • Review existing problematic conditions and leaks.
  • Visually inspect and evaluate the existing roof system.
  • Take roof samples to review the existing conditions and roof make up.
  • Perform thermal infrared non-destructive roof imaging.
  • Identify water drainage and drainage deficiencies.
  • Design roof systems based upon the existing conditions, problem conditions and needed improvements.